Free school holiday entertainment suggestions for Little Learners aged 3-12

Free school holiday entertainment suggestions for Little Learners aged 3-12


Whether its school holidays or weekend entertainment, here are some ways you can keep your kids amused for little or no cost:

  1. Visit local parks: Explore different parks in your area where Little Learners of all ages can run around, play on playgrounds, have picnics and enjoy letting off steam outdoors.
  2. Library visits: A great wet-weather option. Take your Little Learners to the local library for storytime sessions, choose a new book to read or participate in interactive activities.
  3. Nature walks: Go for nature walks or hikes in nearby trails or nature reserves. Encourage kids to observe and learn about plants, animals and creepy crawlies they come across.
  4. Arts and crafts: Set up a crafting station at home with recycled materials, colouring books, markers, and other art supplies. Encourage creativity and let children express themselves through art and creativity. This is also a great way to get presents for Grandparents made in advance.
  5. Movie nights: Host movie nights at home with family-friendly films and popcorn. Make it extra special by creating a cozy blanket fort.
  6. Indoor scavenger hunt: Create a scavenger hunt with clues hidden around the house. Children can follow the clues to find small prizes or treats. This can also be a great outdoor activity.
  7. Visit local museums: Research local museums that offer free admission or special discounts during school holidays. Many museums have interactive exhibits that are great for kids of all ages (including adults).
  8. Organise a sports day: Set up a mini Olympics or sports day in your backyard or local park and invite a few friends over for an afternoon of friendly competition. Plan activities like sack races, three-legged races, and relay races for kids to participate in.
  9. Baking or cooking sessions: Involve children in simple baking or cooking activities. Let them measure ingredients, mix and decorate cookies or cupcakes.
  10. Science experiments: Find easy and safe science experiments that can be done at home using everyday household items. Kids can learn about various scientific concepts through hands-on activities.
  11. Picnic in the backyard: Pack a picnic lunch and set up a cozy outdoor space in your backyard. Children can enjoy the fresh air while having a meal outdoors.
  12. Visit a local farm: Look for nearby farms that offer free or low-cost visits. Children can see farm animals, learn about agriculture, and possibly even have the opportunity to feed or pet the animals.

Remember to tailor these activities to suit the age range and interests of the children, and always ensure their safety and supervision during these activities.

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