The 2-Minute 'Tude Choosing Course

The 2-Minute 'Tude Choosing Course

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Self-directed short course: 25 minutes

The simple sanity-saving parenting tool you wish you discovered sooner! Discover the little Parenting Tool that has the power to change your Little Peeps attitudes and save your sanity!

If you've experienced 'Tude from your little peeps that you'd prefer was a little more positive and you want to understand the physical and emotional forces at play, this course will give you the fundamental understanding of the physiological reasons for habit creation and how you can positively facilitate your little peeps to learn how they can develop strong positive foundational behaviours.

Stopping negative patterns in their tracks will help you and your little peep navigate life's challenges in a much-reduced state of stress.

Suitable for busy parents with little peeps aged between 3-10 years old. The younger the better!


  • Self-directed eCourse
  • Downloadable 'Tude Chart
  • Quick reference instructions

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