Your brain can hold ONE thought at a time. If that thought is kind,there is no room for nasty 🌷

Let's face it... the world could do with more kindness, so we've created the world's first platform + program of initiatives to SHARE, CHEER + CELEBRATE KINDNESS

at Home, at Work + In our Communities

Add a little positive 'Tude to your day 🌷



Available on Web, iOS + Android

Why we do what we do

We believe by raising happy humans, we create kind communities.We believe everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have. New tools are required to keep up with our changing times.

Kind Community Project is all about raising happy humans + creating kind communities one act of kindness at a time

Kind Communities Project

Your brain can hold ONE thought at a time. If that thought is kind ~ there’s no room for nasty.

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