Attitude, Aptitude, Altitude!

Attitude, Aptitude, Altitude!

Attitude is everything!
It affects your aptitude + your altitude ~ so go ahead + choose your 'Tude!
This was the very first 'Tude design. I still have my original tee shirt from way back when (Version 1 of my business). Because I don't quite fit it like I used to 🙃 + I still love the design + message, I decided to bring the design back because it's as relevant today as it was back then. Probably need to get some new pics done. Yep, that's me (but not recently 🤣).

The idea behind the clothing range is to remind yourself to choose it, live it, wear it + give it! Attitude, that is.

The idea behind the Attitude Aptitude Altitude design is a positive reminder that we have the ability to choose our attitudes, which affect our aptitudes that determine the altitude we achieve. 

This particular design become the basis for a Goal Getting Group, high performance coaching + eventually a book all about goal getting. 

I've had so many positive comments when wearing this shirt that I just had to bring the design back. Check out today's 'Tude ranges + grab a Tee or Gift with 'Tude!

Plus when you purchase any product from the 'Tude store you are creating so many ripples of kindness. You can feel great because 10% of profits support social impact initiatives + you are spreading positive messages whereever you go + you are supporting a fledgling local business that one day hopes to employ women juggling care + career who would like flexible, positive work opportunities.

So thank you for checking us out. We appreciate it❗️

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