Making a healthy mind a daily habit

Making a healthy mind a daily habit

Raise your hand if you brush your teeth twice a day?
Keep it raised if you shower at least once a day?
What about eating healthy?

These are all daily habits we are taught during childhood to serve us well throughout life. They are all about taking care of ourselves.

Now raise your hand if you have a daily routine that nurtures your mind + mental wellbeing.

I do this exercise in rooms of adults + everyone raises their hands for the first three questions, but less than 15% raise their hand for the last one.

Caring for our mind should be a natural + as important as brushing our pearly whites. If we don't brush our teeth, they fall out. If we don't nurture our mind + mental wellbeing life can be extremely uncomfortable.

So I encourage you to create a simple routine twice a day. It doesn’t need to take long, in fact you can do it in NET (no extra time), although I recommend dedicating at least 10 minutes solely to building a healthy mind.

Two simple things I do daily are:
  • Morning meditation (10 minutes)
  • 10 minutes in the fresh air to get my daily dose of vitamin D ~ do this with a cuppa so it’s NET
You may prefer to do journaling, a gratitude practice, listening to uplifting music, connecting with nature for 10 minutes per day or 20-30 minutes of moving your body doing exercise.
Whatever you choose to do lovely, make it a daily habit + prioritise it as much as brushing your teeth + teach your kids to do the same. This is something all humans can benefit from, the younger the better.
It's just another way to raise happy humans + create kind communities 🌷
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