11 Planet friendly purchasing options

11 Planet friendly purchasing options

Sustainable gifting is a wonderful way to celebrate any occasion while being kind to the planet. Here are some sustainable gifting ideas:

  • Reusable Items: Give gifts that encourage less waste, like reusable shopping bags, stainless steel water bottles, coffee cups, or beeswax wraps instead of plastic wrap.
  • Plants: Gift a potted plant or seeds that can grow into flowers, herbs, or vegetables. They not only reduce carbon dioxide but also bring joy and beauty.
  • Sustainably sourced goods: Our range of clothing is sustainably sourced + we do everything we can to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Experience Gifts: Offer experiences rather than physical items, such as concert tickets, cooking classes, spa vouchers, or outdoor adventures. Memories last longer than material possessions. Check out our friends at SparkPop + use code: choosethetude to save 10%
  • Homemade Gifts: Create DIY gifts like homemade soaps, candles, photos or baked goods. This not only reduces packaging waste but adds a personal touch.
  • Upcycled or Vintage Items: Shop for unique, upcycled, or vintage items from thrift stores or artisan markets. They have character, reduce waste, and support local businesses.
  • Subscription Services: Consider gifting subscriptions to eco-friendly services like organic food delivery, sustainable clothing rentals or digital magazines to reduce paper waste.
  • Donations: Make a donation in someone's name to a charity or organisation that supports a cause they care about. This can be for environmental conservation, social justice or any other meaningful cause.
  • Reusable or Eco-friendly Bags: Gift reusable produce bags, tote bags made from recycled materials, or eco-friendly backpacks or handbags.
  • Zero-Waste Starter Kits: Provide a starter kit with reusable straws, utensils, bamboo toothbrushes, and other eco-friendly items to help someone transition to a zero-waste lifestyle.
  • Books and Educational Materials: Choose books or documentaries that promote sustainability, environmental awareness, or DIY practices to encourage a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Remember, the essence of sustainable gifting is to choose items that have minimal impact on the environment, promote ethical production and encourage a more conscious way of living. Shopping locally is also a great way to support our small businesses and local economy 🌱

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